Realising The Prospect of Digital Currency

With the overwhelming support of our investors, we are glad to announce that Cointify Stage 2 ICO is now concluded.

Separate announcements will be made once we are ready for Stage 3 ICO. Rest assured that funding up until 26 Apr 2021, 8AM GMT are all valid and entitled for CTF tokens. We thank you for your interest in Cointify ICO.

What about Cointify?

State of today's transaction
Using currency. Centralised. Slower. When we make an online transaction or transfer, it would go through financial institution(s) which require complicated processing and charges will be applied before reaching the receiving party.
How could it be improved?
Using digital currency. Decentralised. Faster. As digital currency (cryptocurrency) allow all the transactions to be made and synchronised across one ledger system. This would eliminate the complicated processing between interbanks and transaction made directly between the sending and receiving party.
But what is digital currency?
However, many do not understand what is digital currency or foresee the potential in it and thus shunned from widespread acceptance.
How can people get to know more about digital currency?
Integrating an exchange with learning material. Information and content hosted are meant to educate people about digital currency. The platform will be one-stop for everyone from beginners to professionals to get started with.
Here's what Cointify is about

Cointify aim to accelerate the widespread acceptance of digital currency. We took on the approach to educate public and providing insight on digital currency before getting people started on digital currency trading. While we are at it, Cointify targets to setup a coin mining farm and provide digital currency infrastructure as part of our masterplan to achieve our aim.

Here's our work plan
Join us in our movement
Cointify is our catalyst to realise the aim of accelerating widespread acceptance of digital currency. As we are experienced operating trading platforms, we are confident in making Cointify one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, a fund would be required to keep us on track in our masterplan to realise the aim.
We would thus raise capital through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in order to fund the development and operation of Cointify and beyond. Join us to accelerate the widespread acceptance of digital currency.
Meet CTF Token
CTF is an Ethereum powered ERC20 utility token that is circulated within the Cointify platform to power the entire Cointify ecosystem. CTF token represents the right to receive part of the Cointify's revenue. Each month, 30% of Cointify's profit will be distributed as dividends. All token holders are eligible for obtaining dividends according to their stakes or choose to sell CTF for immediate profit as the value increased.
*CTF price rate may fluctuate according to ETH price.
Token Distribution
  •   100% - Participants of Token Sale
Stage 2 Funds Allocation
  •   40% - Increasing Cointify Market Cap
  •   40% Coin Farm Development
  •   10% - Cointify Operation
  •   10% - Capital Reserve
CTF Benefits
Lower Price
Participants in Stage 2 and Stage 3 will get CTF at a much lower price as an appreciation for participation.
Rewarded with Dividends
Each month, 30% of Cointify's profit will be distributed as dividends for all CTF holders based on the amount of CTF owned.
Discounted Fees
CTF can be used to pay for transaction fees charged on Cointify. Users who chose to pay with CTF will enjoy a discount on fees.
Preserved Value
Over the years, Cointify will buy back a certain amount of CTF to be destroyed in order to balance the supply demand and preserve the value of CTF.
Get Rewarded

In order for digital currency to gain traction among more people, Cointify has developed a custom Reward Structure for our community. On a monthly basis, 30% of Cointify’s profit will be used on Company expenses and operations. The other 70% will be distributed as dividends and bonus for our clients. Reward Structure has been developed to benefit both ICO participants and Cointify exchange platform affiliates.

Realising prospect of digital currency. Together.
Any questions? Any words of encouragement? We would be happy to know. Login to exchange platform and create a support ticket.